Friday, July 29, 2011

Sekine SHB 271

A look at an earlier Sekine model, the SHB 271, dating from 1973:

( click photo for larger )

This 10-speed model was basic and solid. Sporting the 'Jewel' head badge, it had the familiar modern downtube lettering, and a CS 'lion's crest' seat tube decal declaring "World Finest Bicycle Made by SEKINE". The derailleurs are Shimano Lark (r) and Thunderbird (f), with Fingertip shifters, Tourney center-pull brakes. SR cranks, stem, and handlebar. The bike I examined had Shimano hubs, although steel and 'semi-large-flange', but did include alloy wing nuts.

The frames were certainly built at Sekine's Tokyo factory, the complete bike likely assembled there as well before shipping over to the Canadian distributor. It seems the SHB was superseded by the SHC model, once production was up and running at the Canadian factory (late 1973).

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