Sekine Bicycle Owner's Manual

I bought my Sekine RM-20 from an original owner. As a wonderful bonus, she still had the mint-condition owner's manual from 1981!
For your viewing pleasure, I took some photos of the pages and present them here:

Cover Pages, French & English:
bicycle owner's manual
manuel de l'usager

Index and Safety Instructions

Operating Instructions

Assembling Instructions

Maintenance & Adjusting Instructions

Maintenance & Adjusting Instructions cont'd

Lubrication & Diagram

Guarantee / Garantie

I don't know if Sekine ever issued an earlier version of a bicycle owner's manual, or if they used they same one throughout their eight-year operation. The manual seems to reference early five and ten-speed models, but by the 1980s Sekine racers (like the RM-20) were twelve-speed (even though the basic operations outlined do not change).

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