Sekine Factory Photos 1978

Shot on 35mm slide film at the Sekine Factory in February, 1978.
Put into somewhat production order. I've added my comments to each photo, if you have additional information please leave a comment below.
Click on photos for larger version.

Frames going into auto-sprayer to remove dirt, grease, welding residues
Applying undercoat
Spraying first paint colour over undercoat.
First Colour to the dropouts
First Colour
Another batch of frames getting cream coloured paint
Final clear coating stage, I think.
Final inspection after paint has dried.
Pressing in headset cups
Drilling holes for head badge rivets
Head badge being riveted on. Note Medialle, with red-fill, 1978.
Downtube decals being applied. Note modern font and ST decals already applied.
Crown race is pressed onto fork
Bottom bracket installation done by machine
Headset's adjustable top race being installed?

Checking rear wheel is centered in frame after installation

Original Bike Forums source thread. Photos reposted here with permission.
29/4/2017- Fixed broken links to large images.


  1. Hi. I have two Sekine bikes and absolutely love them. The Champion tubing is so light and responsive and the initial purchase price was such a deal compared to other vintage offerings. Will definitely keep and upgrade the components over time. Could not be happier!!

  2. Just found a bargain SHC271 in an antique shop. All original parts and can’t wait for winter to be over.