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What is the Sekine Project zine, and how can you get one?

Sekine zine cover pages

The Sekine zine is a black-and-white, 36-page photocopied booklet that details the history of Sekine Canada Ltd. It contains more information about Sekine than you'd ever want to know, and includes photos and tidbits you won't find anywhere online. If you've ever wondered about Sekine bicycles, where or how they were made, this zine has all that information- and more.
Sekine zine inside pages

Sekine zine exclusive photos

It's not a detailed guide to specific bicycle models, as a vintage catalog accompanied by a learned eye is more accurate. The zine does, however, contain general identification pointers, a serial number guide, and an extensive reference list for further reading. Given time and a budget I would have written a book; but this zine is quite good and a lot cheaper!

Sekine zine, more inside spread

Sekine zine, more photos

If you know of a bicycle shop or co-op that might be interested in selling the Sekine zine, contact me and we'll set something up.

You can also order a zine directly from me, by clicking on the convenient Paypal button below. Anyone wanting multiple copies should email me, and we'll work out the cheapest shipping. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me (rodoftheflies AT yahoo DOT ca). Buy yours today!
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