Friday, July 1, 2011

Sekine Blacky

Among the first Sekine bikes to appear in Canada was the Blacky.  Made in Japan, they were introduced for the spring season in 1971, and were still being sold in 1973. When the Canadian factory was established, the more oddball models like the Blacky were phased out, probably because consumer demand for "high-rise" bikes declined as the five and ten-speed market exploded.
This model came with drum brake hubs, Suntour lever shifter and Skitter rear derailleur for a 4-speed freewheel, and a bottle dynamo powering front lights. It has its share of Sekine badging touches; a metal "CS Blacky Power Drum" headbadge, "CS" mudguard flap, an oversize "Sekine Bicycle" reflector on the rear rack, and the usual "World Finest Bicycle Made By Sekine Cycle" downtube decal. With small wheels and step-through frame, it is well-suited to shorter cyclists.

I had the opportunity to get a close look at one of these strange little bikes at New West Cycle the other day. Craiglist posting with more photos:


  1. I have one of these bikes that's been in storage for many years. The bike is for sale, I just honestly don't know the value. The bike is in good condition with the exception of one headlight missing. If anyone has a bit of an idea of the bike's price, I'd very much appreciate a reply.

  2. Donu still have the bike and if not how much wasit