Sekine Cycle 1975 Catalogue

Here's a detailed look at the complete line up of quality Sekine Cycles in 1975. Frames and parts manufactured in Japan were shipped to the plant in Rivers, Manitoba, where the pieces were assembled into bicycles.

This gem of a catalogue comes from the collection of Lorne Shields. I've photographed the pages, and posted them here for your viewing pleasure. Many of the pages are marked by handwritten numbers, those are the prices (in 1975!).


Back Cover

Factory Photos

Model line up of Sekine Cycles

SHX 270

SHT 271

SHS 271

SHC 271

SHL 270

SHC 276

SHL 276

SIA 271

SIA 101, SIA 240

SIA 053, SIA 853




  1. Nice score!
    BTW, I have another Sekine bike (Green) for sale, and I thought of you first, since you're such a big fan. Interested? Let me know!

  2. Really cool catalog! Not to mention, nice blog you have. I just bought my first Sekine and used your site and to identify mine as a SHC270 modified to a single speed with a narrow straight bar. Thanks.

  3. I recently was givin one of these bikes and decided to look it up on google. I noticed though that my bike looks like the SIA 101

  4. This is fascinating. I have two Sekines that I purchased about 40 years ago. They are in excellent condition. One has a label stating that it was manufactured in Japan. Wow!

  5. What are these puppies worth? I have one that is too big for me to ride, but I don't simply want to swap it or give it away.

  6. Is anyone on this page anymore please call have a 1970's sekine stored the entire time want to sell 262 212 3821! Thanks