Monday, June 27, 2011

Quoting Consumer Report

Part of the reason I created this blog was to reach out to anyone who might have information about Sekine they'd like to share, and the internet makes this easy (right?).
This blog also seems a good place to share some of the tidbits I've found, that maybe won't have a place in the paper zine.
For example: The Canadian Consumer magazine ran the article Test Report: Ten Speed Bicycles in their June, 1980 issue. They tested many bicycles, one a Sekine RM-30. Costing an average of $198 in 1979, the bicycle had a mass of 13.7kg, a wheelbase of 1.05m, a seat tube angle of 72.5, and a gear inch range of 38.6 - 100.3. Its "Front Collision Strength" was rated as "Good" (what that means, I don't know).
The RM-30 did well against its competition, though its handlebars were found to have some 'deflection'. "The Sekine is light, expensive, has a short wheelbase for responsiveness, a comfortable seat angle and a comfortable but unresponsive frame.

Made my wheels go round just reading that.

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