Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing The Sekine Project

What about Sekine bicycles? How about everything!

This project grew from a desire to learn about the company- who they were, how they started. When I couldn't easily find accurate information, I had to start digging. The more I found, the more I wanted to know. What about this bike, or this model? Why do they have different head badges? So many questions, so few answers. So far, I've discovered a lot of interesting information, and I'd like to know even more. Eventually, I dream of condensing the information I've found and publishing a small zine; whose photocopied pages will be found, tattered and grease-stained, in bike co-ops and workshops across the land.

I've never owned one and only ridden a few, but I've come to appreciate these bikes everywhere I see them. I'm the weird bike nerd who stops you on the street to talk about your old Sekine. I'm not crazy, I'm just doing some research. Mind if I take a photo for the record?

Do you have a Sekine? Did you work for them? Racee one of their bikes? Have an old photo or story to tell? Do you ride one to work and treat it badly? Post a comment, or send your photos and stories to share.

The Sekine Project. More than you ever wanted to know about Sekine Canada Ltd.

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  1. I have a late 70's early 80's Sekine RM-30 (or thats what we figure the serial FV is from). It is in immaculate condition but is finally having the handle bar wrap and tires replaced (they were original and in like new condition, minus the age cracks and weathering). Will send in a pic when its complete.