Friday, February 3, 2012

Sekine Canada's 1975 Catalogue

At last, a look at the Sekine line-up from the first years of production. An original catalogue has been delivered to my eager eyes!

Every bit of this booklet is awesome. Factory workers wearing the company's short-lived blue smocks. The lifestyle photography, set on the Manitoba prairies, features fashionably dressed couples caressing each other.  And those classic Sekine bicycles, with gleaming pie plates, chainring guards, steel rims, and reflectors. As they say in French: Bicyclette Sekine – Notre spĂ©cialitĂ©... la qualite.

I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to Lorne Shields for sending me this catalogue; which I now share with all you Sekine fans out there. Click to see the entire Sekine 1975 Catalogue


  1. Sorry to hijack this thread but I can't see any contact email address. I've got some pictures of my sekine I'd like to share because the crank arm attachment to the bottom bracket is unique. I can't find any other sekine online with this attachment. I've been looking for threads on it because I'm trying to remove it and it's very there's no information on the web about it. I'm hoping to share these four pictures I have to the site so I can hope for some feedback from someone who's in the know. Thanks.

    1. I'll help if I can. Email me: rod of the flies (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca (no spaces, no spam). And remember- a picture can be worth a thousand words.