Thursday, January 5, 2012

Second Printing!

I'm excited to report that the first print run of the Sekine zine has completely sold out. It was amazing to witness the stack of printed copies steadily dwindling in singles and pairs as deliveries went out the door. It's always so nice to see someone's eyes light up when they flipped through a copy, so I promptly went back to the printer to make a second batch. That fresh photocopy smell, and a new stack of folded covers!

The Sekine Zine: a bit obsessive

If you'd like to buy a zine in person, I'm happy to report that a few awesome bike shops now have copies under the counter:
- Our Community Bikes (Vancouver)
- New West Cycle (New Wesminster)
- Fairfield Bicycle Shop (Victoria)
If you know of a shop that might be interested in the Sekine zine, contact me and we'll set something up. And as usual, copies are always available directly from the order page

After "Made in Japan" but before "Made in Canada"

Still hearing about new tidbits of Sekine information and meeting people as the Project rolls along. Stay tuned for more posting in the new year!

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