Monday, October 3, 2011

Original Decals

The other day, I had the the pleasure of interviewing a former Sekine employee. He was most generous; in addition to his time, he gifted me a set of original Sekine decals he had kept from 1979.

Sekine Decals

Ironically, the seat tube decal itself was printed in Japan. Now I need to find a frame worth repainting.


  1. Lovely decals! Any chance you scanned these before mounting them? I'm searching for a set to restore my dad's old sikine as the decals have worn off.

  2. I'm also looking for the seat tube decal panel. Even a good color xerox would be fine. I could scan and touch up the scrollwork in the monogram and return a file to you for printing at a decent sign shop or one of the online decal sites.
    Also, is the seat tube panel a water slide decal,or is it a vinyl or mylar stick-on? Thanks

  3. Hello, is there anyone selling Sekine Seat tube decals online?

  4. For anyone out there still lurking for Sekine decals like I was, I actually converted the logo into a vector format for my own printing purposes. I'd be happy to share the file with you. You can email me at colin.s.ward [at] gmail [dot] com